Loretta C. Rogers

also writing as L.W. Rogers


Novel Blurbs
(Available for Publishing)

A Daughter’s Promise
Historical Western Inspirational

At the age of ten, Jenny Morriston becomes an outlaw on the run when she breaks her father out of jail. He is scheduled to hang the next day for a crime he didn’t commit.

Ten years later, Jenny returns to Rio Hondo, Texas, disguised as a man. She intends to clear her father’s name and reclaim their ranch. She soon discovers keeping up the bravado of a gun slick is more difficult than she imagines. When she gets to close to discovering who framed her father, she is beaten up and dumped down an abandoned mine shaft. Although she isn’t afraid of dying, she asks God to spare her life.

When Lucas McCain meets Jim Morris, Lucas  is certain he knows this cowboy with a horrific scar on his cheek. However, he never suspects his new friend is the woman he’s loved all his life,  disguised as a man.

* * *

Circle of Fear
Romantic Suspense (Single Title)

Cassie Butler wakes up in a small Texas clinic only to discover she has amnesia. Beaten up, pregnant, desperate, and not knowing who tried to kill her, she proposes marriage to retired rodeo bull rider, Burr Crenshaw. She assures him it’s strictly a business arrangement until her memory returns and the baby is born. A widower with emotional wounds of his own, Burr reluctantly agrees to the arrangement. But when her memory returns, Cassie knows the man who hurt her is the most powerful criminal court judge in Texas. Judge Preston Lee Dolan III will let nothing stand in his way of becoming the next governor of Texas. What happens when his campaign trail leads him straight to the town where Cassie resides?

* * *

Bedelia’s Folly
Romantic Suspense (Single Title)

When the people she loves most all die, New York reporter, Bedelia Fallon, is certain her life is jinxed. Vowing to never love again, she  adopts a devil-may-care attitude. While vacationing in London, she meets the charming and enigmatic Count Alan Lefebreve, and soon discovers he is a man with the power to take her life.

Recently duped by a socialite interested in his money and title as Earl of Cheswick, Duncan Thorne despises all paparazzi who’ve made a mockery of his life on the front pages of their newspapers. His instincts tell him getting involved with Bedelia is trouble with a capital B.