Loretta C. Rogers

also writing as L.W. Rogers



Forbidden Son

an Loretta C Rogers Western

High school dropout Honey Belle Garrett has never thought of herself as poor white trash--just poor. In the summer of 1964, her world changes forever when sinfully sexy Tripp Hartwell III offers her a ride in his convertible http://www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania/. Then, unbeknownst to Tripp, dire threats from his father force Honey Belle and her family out of town and into silence. Hidden in another state, Honey Belle determines, successfully, to make something of herself, but she keeps a scrapbook of news clippings about the young man she had to leave behind.

Seventeen years later Tripp is not only a lawyer like his father but a Vietnam war hero and a United States senator download parimatch app tz. Before anyone...

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Superstition Trail

an L. W. Rogers Western

At the age of seventeen, Ace Donovan witnessed the hanging of his father and brother by six contractors hired by the railroad to run people off its lands. He has spent the past fifteen years tracking down these men and exacting his own form of justice. Only one of the six remains parimatch app download for android.

Dulcie Slaughter, widowed less than five months after her wedding, hires Donovan to trail her cattle to market. He knows it's taboo to bring a woman on a cattle drive. Therefore, when she insists on joining the drive, Donovan decides against the thousand-mile trip to Kansas, but instead trails the cattle over the Superstition Mountains to Fort.

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Bannon's Brides

Jail or Prostitution? Fiona Quinn chooses neither. On a wagon-train bound for Oregon, the newly contracted mail-order bride braves rattlesnakes, Indians and depraved buffalo hunters who kidnap her. But nothing test her mettle like Cordell Bannon, the wagon master poised to steal her heart.

Cordell Bannon signed a contract to safely deliver thirty mail-order brides to their husbands. Yet one bride stirs his emotions, threatening his oath of celibacy and making him choose between his job and his passion. Can he stand by as she marries another, or will he claim her as his bride?

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Brady’s Revenge

an L. W. Rogers Western

Conspiracy. . .Action. . .Suspense

 When Brady Wilkes is accused of killing his stepfather to inherit a ranch nearly the size of Kansas, the one person who can give Brady an alibi is the town’s leading citizen. What the sheriff and town’s people don’t know is that Lou Spearman is also the leader of a notorious horse theft operation—and Brady’s boss. If Brady goes to the sheriff, he risks being hung as a horse thief or being shot in the back by one of Spearman’s hired guns.  Who will save Brady?

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The Twisted Trail

an L. W. Rogers Western

A loner who doesn’t rely on anyone, Matt Logan wants to maintain his status as a drifter who freelances his gun. His admiration for Clarissa Hubbard’s determination to be the first to get her freight wagons through to the gold fields forces him to open up to this woman’s grit and threatens to take away his self-protecting armor—and the caginess which keeps him alive.

 In 1840 from Ft. Brooke, Florida to the gold fields in Dahlonega, Georgia who will win the race over The Twisted Trail?

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Isabelle and the Outlaw

 Time travel at its best. . .

 When American History professor, Isabelle Landers falls in love with the picture of an outlaw in one of her history books, she is totally unprepared when she accidentally walks through a time portal and lands smack dab in 1878 in the badlands of Arizona--and face to face with outlaw Rafe Sinclair.

Can Rafe keep Isabelle safe from a notorious outlaw leader until he can figure out how to send her back to her own time? Can Isabelle keep Rafe from hanging?  Is she willing to leave the man she loves?

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Through the Garden Gate Anthology

 Features – Isabelle and Outlaw

as well as three award winning stories--

Fairytale Bride by Michelle Chambers

Victory’s Gate by Leanne Tyler

Sundial by Carrie Lofty


Available in Print December 2009

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